The Story

How do we create a restaurant website that stands out in a sea of sameness?

The Challenge

Logan’s Roadhouse lived in a category flooded with similar signage and typography, longhorns, and fast-food photography. With casual dining’s reliance on promotion-focused, one-dimensional web design to communicate the brand, websites felt generic from chain to chain. Logan’s needed a site that would help them connect with customers and stand out amongst the monotony.

The Solution

FEATURE THE EXPERIENCE ALONGSIDE THE FOOD! Created a website that used own-able design cues and unique photography to highlight the best the Roadhouse has to offer: from star employees and music partnerships to moonshine cocktails and wood-grilled steaks. A site that not only drives appetite appeal, but took you on the Roadhouse journey “One plate, one drink, one song at a time.”


  • Design Strategy
  • Website Design
  • UX/UI Design
  • Promotions & Partnerships