The Story

How do we announce a fine paper company’s entrance into the world of 3D packaging?

The Challenge

Neenah Packaging, a new venture from Neenah Paper, is dedicated to creating innovative and premium packaging solutions. How could Neenah’s expertise in flat paper transfer to 3D packaging while attracting trade professionals across multiple industries?

The Solution

NEVER FLAT, ALWAYS CREATIVE. We created a compelling positioning for the new Neenah Packaging brand, plus a new brand identity, visual system, and launch campaign that communicates the “power of touch” to a targeted B2B audience.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • IMC Planning
  • Package Design
  • Campaign Development
  • Print & Digital Advertising
  • Photography Library
  • Guidelines

What our client said...

"Stag&Hare did a wonderful job translating the brand positioning of Neenah Packaging into a clear brand identity that stands out against a sea of competitors. Their vision beautifully showcases that Neenah Packaging is “Never Flat” but helps any premium brand standout on shelf with impact Neenah packaging is used."

Kingsley Shannon, Vice President of Marketing, Neenah Fine Paper & Packaging