The Power of Plus

Harnessing a cutting edge ingredient.

What We Did



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The Challenge


David Colbert MD, a leading dermatologist serving celebrity clientele sought to develop a line of products infused with super-antioxidant CBD. By harnessing the power of this cutting edge ingredient carefully formulated with other active ingredients, this product line would be both the first of its kind in the category that is both highly efficacious, dermatologist-backed, and with a high dosage of pure, organic CBD.

The Solution


By leveraging the credentials of David Colbert’s name, we developed a brand that brought together both the creator and the ingredient story of the cannabis-derived CBD — the “plus” elevates this product to the next level. Set in striking, matte black and luxurious gold, the brand comes to life through layered organic leaf textures and rich, velvety palettes.