The Winemaker’s Chocolate

How do we launch a new brand in a saturated category?
Harness the story of unique ingredients.

What We Did

Brand Positioning Development

Brand Strategy


Brand Identity

Consumer Research

Packaging Design

Retail Execution

Website Design & Development

The Challenge


Stag&Hare partnered with a renowned winemaker to craft a unique story around a new idea. The winemakers wanted to find a way to use the whole grape from chardonnay wine to reduce waste and capture the nutrients. After experimenting many times over, they figured out it was the perfect addition to dark chocolate. This new ingredient, called chardonnay marc, is full of beneficial nutrients, flavanols and natural sweetness that balances the bitterness of dark chocolate.

The Solution


Stag&Hare partnered with the winemakers to develop the positioning. name and packaging for this new kind of chocolate bar, building out a robust design language that tells the story of the brand from its origins in the vineyard to becoming a delicious dark chocolate bar.

The team at Stag and Hare were crucial partners in the creation of the Vine to Bar brandWe began literally with a blank sheet of paper and an idea. From concept statements, consumer insights, naming, visual identity, packaging application, to website UX design and development, they delivered both strategically and creatively.

Ed Klein, CMO Vine to Bar