Hubert’s Lemonade

Only the Best
Will Do

Breathe new life into Hubert’s character and identity.

What We Did

Product Development

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Retail Communications

Sampling & Merchandise



The Challenge


Already established in juices and sodas, Hansen’s came to us with a kernel of an idea: lemonade. They believed there was an opportunity to expand the Hansen’s portfolio into a new RTD category but needed help exploring all the different ways this could come to life.

The Solution


Tell a real story. We started by exploring the different strategic territories the product could inhabit and landed on the one that felt most natural (in every sense of the word): Hubert Hansen’s motto of ‘Only the best will do.’ We kept the design simple and real like the pleasure itself and harkened back to the days when Hubert peddled his lemonade across Hollywood lots. We developed 360 degree activations that felt fun, spontaneous, and encouraged consumers to share the joy.