Sharing Unique Stories

In partnership with XOCOLATL, Stag&Hare created a sensorial piece about the story of what makes each of our offices unique.

What We Did

Structural Packaging




The Challenge

With creativity ever-flowing in our studio, we needed an outlet to reflect our creative capabilities. With offices across the US and UK, we saw opportunities to celebrate and share the distinctive creative spirit embodied in each location.

The Solution

In partnership with XOCOLATL, an Atlanta-based artisan chocolatier, we created a set of five, limited edition chocolate bars representing our office locations. Each bar delivers a multi sensorial experience—from sight to touch to taste—and tells a singular visual story of place and personality. Anchored by a bespoke office crest, the designs graphically explore what makes each office special and unique to Stag&Hare. Presented together in a stunning gift box, the story of Stag&Hare deliciously unfolds.