Yummy Golden

Refresh a beloved Taiwanese fried chicken
brand and introduce it to the US market.

What We Did

Visual Identity

Branding System

Packaging Design

Retail Design


Menu Design

Environmental Graphics

Brand Guidelines

Uniform Design

The Challenge


Introduce the ever-popular Taiwanese fried chicken brand into a saturated fast-food service market while retaining a sense of culture and tradition. Rethink and design the champion icon of the brand, Mr. TKK without losing brand recognition. Design a retail experience that will stand out in a sea of sameness and leave consumers wanting more than just the food they offer.

The Solution


We started by identifying what makes TKK so very special: its uniquely Taiwanese credentials, its heritage of creating high-quality fried chicken, and its iconic mascot, Mr. TKK. We refreshed the logo identity to both Westernize and modernize. We then created a robust design language that reflected the youthful and fun aspect of fried chicken and brought it to life across packaging, uniforms, signage, menus, and retail design.

We reached out to Stag&Hare to give the 40-year old Taiwanese fried chicken brand a facelift and re-brand it to partner with Kung Fu Tea. The goal is to rebrand the TKK core figure – Mr. TKK and re-positioning the brand to make it resonate with the U.S market. Stag&Hare not only create a young fresh looking MR. TKK that speaks to the young millennials, they also developed a comprehensive VIS for TKK. Using this VIS, we are able to seamlessly blend TKK and Kung Fu Tea together, making two brands co-exist in the same retail space, harmoniously, fearlessly and beautifully.

Mai Shi, Marketing and PR Lead