Life Is Noteworthy

How do we expand a brand into completely new categories?

Become a brand worthy of being noted.

What We Did

Brand Positioning

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Retail Displays & Activation

Website Design

Social Strategy

The Challenge

Southworth is the leader in packaged fine papers for resumes and business documents. They saw an opportunity to revisit their offering and positioning in the market to leverage their legacy of quality as they expanded their product offering into new categories with planners, journals, notecards, and desk organization products to become a lifestyle brand.

The Solution

Stag&Hare leveraged Southworth’s credibility as an established fine paper brand, but expanded the brand promise to serve a larger purpose for consumers – help them appreciate all the noteworthy moments in life, big and small. With a new brand positioning, clearly articulated consumer personas and a fresh, modernized identity, new packaging for an expanded product line and a reimagined digital presence, Southworth is poised to grow from a niche product to a lifestyle brand.